Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We excel in extension and torsion garage door spring replacement and adjustment and are efficient

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Our technical personnel are experts in garage door opener repair, replacement and maintenance

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Quality describes all services related to garage door openers! We offer fast emergency opener repair

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Garage Door Repair Testimonials

You’ll find a lot of great customer feedback on the residential garage door service’s quality of door opener work.

The springs were damaged

I had an early meeting last week but when I pressed the garage opener remote the door just made an awful sound. After several efforts I decided to call Garage Door Repair Cypress knowing that I would never make it to the meeting on time. The speed and experience of the technicians proved me wrong. The garage door springs had snapped and that's why the door couldn't be lifted. The amazing thing was that they had repair parts in their van and replaced them in time to get to work with just a small delay. That's professionalism!

Openers without sensors are dangerous

My garage door is pretty old but I never had any serious problems over the years until last weekend when my grandchildren were visiting. They were playing in the garage as I was fixing their bikes when suddenly the door started closing on its own. Thankfully I was there and protected the kids but I called Garage Door Repair Cypress right away. I had to replace the garage door opener and the sensors because they were completely ruined. The technicians also checked the other garage door parts and I was glad this service works on weekends and responds so fast in emergencies.

Helpful professionals for garage door selection

It was time to replace the existing garage door but I was confused by the deals, offers and choices. A colleague suggested that I should talk with the specialists down at Garage Door Repair Company in Cypress. I haven't met such helpful personnel! Everyone was ready to help and the staff took the time to show me my options explaining the differences and technical details and the technicians were willing to come over in order to check my garage. They measured, discussed my needs and then suggested solutions trying hard to stick within my budget. That's what I call professional assistance!

Professional help in choosing openers

My garage door opener was bought before 1993 and instead of just adding the reverse system I decided to get a new one. I had read a lot about this Garage Door Repair Company in Cypress and decided to call them for assistance. They were extremely nice and suggested quite a few openers based on the characteristics of my door. I really appreciated the fact that although they updated me about the extra safety features, they didn't pressure me to install them all. They made some recommendations and assured me that I could add them later. Their professionalism astonished me!

Immediate response to opener repair

I returned home after a night out with colleagues. I had just been promoted and had to take a short business trip the following day. I pressed the clicker to close the door but the door wouldn't move. After continuous efforts I called Garage Door Repair Cypress and explained the situation. I didn't have to say much because the technicians came over shortly and fixed the problem with the garage door opener. I really appreciated their immediate response since I didn't want to go away and leave the garage door open. I am extremely grateful for their good work and speed!

Quick spring service, excellent professionals

Despite the fact that I have heard about the dangers of fixing garage door springs I tried to replace them on my own. When I was trying to get the old ones down, I thought they would snap. I called the technicians of Garage Door Repair Cypress immediately and I was impressed by their speed. They actually managed to replace the springs very fast but I mostly liked the fact that they were not judgmental. The truth is that the final garage door torsion spring replacement cost was reasonable and since then I call them for all my garage door problems.

Selecting a new garage door

I was planning to renovate my house and make it look really beautiful. My garage was so visible from the outside, so I planned to buy a really nice garage door. I didn’t know how to start this endeavor. The good thing was I got a recommendation from a friend. She told me that garage door repair Cypress can help me out in finding a new door and have it installed. I was so glad I followed her advice. I totally appreciate my new door. It matches the design that I had always dreamed of.

How to choose wooden garage door

My friend told me that I should have a wooden garage door. It is so unique and long lasting. When I saw the one that she has at her house, I was so inspired to buy one. She told me about garage door repair Cypress. This company helped her from the start until the end. When I saw her garage door, I didn’t have any second thoughts about this company. I called them right away. Now, I already have my beautiful wooden door. I am so proud of this investment and I always boast it to my friends.

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