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Browse this section for easy to understand repair and maintenance tips for your garage doors at home - all provided by our experts! If you're not sure if the wear and tear you're seeing is something to worry about, our range of helpful solutions and advice may help.

Consider additional lighting and motion detectors

One of the best deterrents for potential thieves is strong visibility. The more likely they can be seen, the less likely they'll try and break in. Consider installing sensor lights above your garage door for added security. You can also add motion detectors to your opener which will turn on its lights the moment they detect movement inside your garage. This will not only deter thieves, it will also make your homecoming a little more pleasant.

Check your remote control's battery

The remote you use to operate your garage door opener might have been working fine for months or even years, but that doesn't mean that tomorrow it won't suddenly stop functioning without warning. The most common cause of this type of problem is a simple one. Dead batteries. Before you start wrapping your head around what's wrong, try replacing the batteries.

Wait until your door closes all the way down

When you have children or small animals running around, a closing garage door can be a real safety hazard. Always stand by and make sure your garage door close completely to ensure no little people or pets can sneak underneath it and get injured. If you need to check your door's safety features, call our experts for advice.

Check your garage door's condition regularly

We tend to only get things checked when something goes wrong. Your garage door is one of those things that often get overlooked. Repairs are often very expensive, so making sure you examine your door and all of its moving parts on a regular basis can help you prevent minor issues from developing into major problems. Remember to contact our experts if you find something seriously wrong.

Keep Your Manual Handy

Your garage door system can be very complex with a number of features, so ensure you keep the original manual handy. You may need it to reset the system, check technical information, make minor repairs or replace parts. Don’t just throw your manual in the back of a closet or drawer - keep it readily accessible as you never know when you will need it.


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